Forthcoming Events

Easter at Pigeons Farm

The farm is extremely busy at this time of the year with new lambs ,baby rabbits, guinea pigs, chicks and piglets. Twice daily we are asking visitors to help us bottle-feed our baby lambs. This takes place at 11.00am and 3.00pm daily. Florrie our Kune Kune sow has a lovely litter of spotty piglets for visitors to meet.

Come and hold the rabbits, guinea pigs and chicks in Cuddles Corner.

Easter Egg Hunts. Daily from march 28th until easter weekend children can take part in Easter Egg Hunts around the farm.This costs £2.00 and if all the eggs are found they are rewarded with chocolate eggs in their easter bag.

We have a free quiz running daily for older children to try (or younger children with Mum's help).

Tractor and trailer rides run daily with Farmer Bob giving a commentary as he shows you his farm.

The new Sandcastle barn with diggers and spades is very popular.

Chocolate Drop, the huge bullock is loving meeting  our visitors in the Big Barn.

March 31st Pretty Pottery Dora the Explorer storytelling and pottery painting -Cancelled due to illness.I'm very sorry about this!


April 11th The two Ice Princesses Elsa and  Ana will visit the farm .They will be here from 2.00pm-4.00pm. No not the real thing but the children will love them!

Spring events

New lambs have started arriving  so it's a very exciting time here at Pigeons farm.

We now have some baby lambs who need bottlefeeding as their mothers were not able to feed them.We feed them at 11.00am and 3.00pm daily so if you would like to try to hold a bottle and give them a feed-come down to the farm.

Our Kune Kune sow called Florrie is heavily pregnant and is due to farrow (have her babies) this weekend.

Next weekend (March 14th and 15th)we have our annual Lambing Weekend and there will be lots going on.There's a good chance to see lambs born during your visit although Mother nature says we can't gaurrantee it.Little Bo Peep and Shaun will be here to meet the children and help Farmer Bob in the Lambing barn.Bottle-feeding the lambs too! The piglets will be here too and baby rabbits and guinea pigs.

There will be lots to do with The Climbing Wall here both days , a giant John Deere tractor for all to explore,tractor and trailer rides, Jumping Pillow, zip wire, new sand barn,indoor and outdoor play. Its Mother's Day on Sunday so why not bring Mum and Nana for a great day out?